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Asoka Esuruoso is an interdisciplinary African American artist, filmmaker, life coach and writer from Boston Massachusetts. Her writing and films have been exhibited and published in newspapers, publications, anthologies, and educational texts in the US and Germany and often deal with the themes of human rights, race, feminism and sexuality along with family, cultural memory and trauma.


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Event Organizer & Online Manager

A contemporary painter with main focus in figurative Painting. Some times working as a Game Designer for video games, other times managing creative projects. Founder of the famous drawing group “Creative Sessions”, the contemporary art project “Opse Project” and the indie game studio “Bryopsis”.


Event Organizer

At idle, our Jamie is a people-watcher with analytical abilities. Better known for his go-getting abilities and charitable nature, he travels the world to touch base with himself. A strong interest in the field of science has forged his background in Biological Sciences, but his desire for a hands-on approach to life led to his specialisation in Brewing and Distilling. He is described by his friends as passionate, emotionally-connected, and as an introvert of the extroverted nature. Come and find him behind at, on or around our bar at The Word.


Event Organizer

With a background in film and organising film events he focuses on creating environments that support diversity, engagement and inclusion. Further interest include photography and the visual arts, primarily focusing on the use of these mediums to further connect people.