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Voices Of The Word
Voices of The Word - Ep. 3 - Nollywood

QUALITY NOTICE! The quality of the sound is problematic. Due to a power accident we are using the buckup recording equipment for this episode.

In our third episode we invited Grace Evaly and Samson Onoja Itodo to tell us about the Nollywood Germany organization and the upcoming Nollywood Travel Film Festival that is happening at the end of this month in Berlin! Grace is the founder of Nollywood Germany and an actress of Nollywood. Samson is a poet, playwright, book author and founder of Afrobizgermany.

At the second part of the podcast we are having a small discussion with Nav Jain the cohost of a comedy & music show, named “Going Pineapples” that is happening on Saturday 3rd of August 2019. We were talking about how and why he decided to create such an event! Nav is an standup comedian currently living and working in Berlin.

Hosted by Asoka Esuruoso and Miltos Despoudis.

Asoka is a visual artist – filmmaker. She is a also the co-owner of The.Word, managing also most of the activities of the space, such as the various literature events, pop up brunches, film festivals and podcasts.

Miltos is a visual artist – painter, working also as a 2D artist is various projects involving Game Design & Animation. He is also organizing regularly drawing and other artistic events at The.Word with the Creative Sessions group.

The podcast was recorded on August 1rd, 2019. It was published on August 3rd, 2019.


Nollywood Germany e.V.
Nollywood Germany is an organisation with a platform to promote films by African / Black Filmmakers in Germany.
Link on WebsiteLink on FacebookLink on Twitter

A convergence for Afro business owners and consumers. A forum to bring closer the Afro Entrepreneurs and consumers, and to establish an interactive ground within both groups.
Link on WebsiteLink on FacebookLink on Twitter

Event: Small Portrait Drawing Session – Free
Meet and draw portraits of oursleves!
Saturday 3th August 2019 | 12:30-15:30
Link on WebsiteLink on FacebookLink on Meetup

Event: Flexible Life Drawing Session
Learn and practice drawing a nude model from life!
Saturday 3th August 2019 | 16:00-18:30
Link on WebsiteLink on FacebookLink on Meetup

Event: Going Pineapples – Comedy, Music Acts & More
A night for having a good time, laughing, chilling with friends and strangers. We plan to bring in amazing performers on stage to lighten up your mood and brighten your night!
Saturday 3th August 2019 | 20:00-23:00
Link on WebsiteLink on FacebookLink on Meetup

Event: Nollywood Travel Film Festival Berlin 2019
The Nollywood Travel Film Festival aims to promote the Nigerian Film Industry and its rich culture of storytelling to a global audience.
28 – 29th August 2019
Day 1 – Link on Facebook
Day 2 – Link on Facebook

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