Late Crow
Late Crow
Late Crow – Ep.8 – [Nour]

In this episode the standup comedian Nour Hos tells us a little about himself, how he came to Germany from Syria, and the current struggles of living in Berlin. He is also doing a fundraising comedy show for a very peculiar reason with an escooter.

Standup comedian Nav Jain and visual artist Miltos Despoudis. Special guest is Nour Hos.

Smal Info

Podcast hosted by the artist Miltos Despoudis and the stand-up comedian Nav Jain.
Podcast Title is “Nour”.
Recorded on August 14th 2021 in Berlin.
Published on August 29th 2021.

Video Episode

Video Episode


Upcoming fundraising comedy show by Nour Hos

Official Facebook Page for Nour Hos…