Late Crow
Late Crow
Late Crow - Ep.3 - [Blame Corona]

Are you good at math and calculations?
What it the bare minimum for most humans to live their life without problems?
Nav brought as a common joke that never fails to make us laugh. Little did he know that Miltos and Antoniya were not the sharpest knives in the toolbox!

What made you say about your City “I cannot believe that I am staying here”?
Antoniya didn’t have to live more than a week to experience the luxurious stink of the metro stations and trains in Berlin. Nav and Miltos since they are here longer they got used to it and someone might say that they became part of that!

Worst date that you ever had?
Miltos found this classic reddit thread. People share their awkward expreriences and we read the best of the aloud for you. The conversation ends up about human behavior, manners and sex! Antoniya and Nav had something similar to tell, but they are not going to name names.

Small Info

Podcast hosted by the artist Miltos Despoudis and the stand-up comedian Nav Jain.
Podcast Title is “Blame Corona”.
Special guest for the episode is Antoniya Boyanova.
Recorded on Janurary 31th 2020 in Berlin.
Published on March 28th, 2020.


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